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December 28, 2006
Dear Members and Friends:

I would like to inform you that AESA-NFSAT joint committee henceforth will support the National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies (NFSAT) in carrying out their programs. The NFSAT is a non-profit organization established in 1997, according to a legislative act of the Republic of Armenia. NFSAT's mission is to accelerate the development of the scientific and technological potential of Armenia through the world-class research management that teach scientists how to compete in a market-based economy where grant proposals and industry collaborations are essential. Since its establishment NFSAT has received several Awards from U.S. CRDF ( funds provided by US Government ) totaling about $3.5million to support science and technology development in Armenia. Due to fair means and great effectivity of the use of these limited funds, the NFSAT?s activities have had the obvious impact to the Armenian science and technology sector, which in its turn has increased the domestic and international profile. These facts you can easily investigate by visiting

The summary of NFSAT's activities impact are as follows:

  1. 57 International Collaborative Research Grants, totaling about $1,4million includes 304 grantees and results in more than 400 publications in referred international journals;
  2. 27 Grants to Strengthen Research in Universities, totaling more than $430,000.0 includes 49 grantees 44 of which are young researchers or post-graduate students;
  3. 12 Grants for Research Tools, totaling more than $800,000 and includs 5 unique research equipments;
  4. 28 Workshops for improving Career Skills, totaling more than $75,000.0 that includes more than 1000 participants;
  5. 100 Travel Grants 55 of which are young researchers or post-graduate students, totaling about of $300,000 and results in about 200 International conference abstract publications;
  6. 12 International Scientific Conferences held in Armenia, totaling approximetly $60,000.0 involving 250 participants from other countries;
  7. Development of 16 Technologies having sound market potential in 2006, totaling approximetly $30,000.0;
  8. National Scientific Network created in 2004 by fiber-optic technology, totaling more than $250,000.0 and involving 31 research institutes and universities and 3 supercomputers.

Currently NFSAT is supporting about 130 scientists in the field of exact and natural sciences. In the same time NFSAT needs at least $50,000 to support more projects of Armenian scientists in the near future, since US CRDF is willing to provide equal amount for the new programs of NFSAT.

This possibility means that your contribution would be doubled for the development of science and technology in Armenian. We are asking all interested persons and organizations to join us in supporting the NFSAT activities in Armenia, as well as to provide needed resources to several programs carrying out by NFSAT, thereby accelerating the development of the scientific and technological potential of Armenia.

For your tax exempt donations please make the checks to AESA with a note at the bottom for "NFSAT".
Sarkis Barkhoudarian
Chair of AESA-NFSAT Committee