to religious, public-political organizations, state and non-state enterprises, citizens of Armenia and Diasporan Armenians

NFSAT is a non-governmental organization striving to support the development of competitive grants based science funding in Armenia and to promote its dissemination and potential commercialization.
The scientific potential of the Republic of Armenia is part of the national wealth of the Armenian people. For decades scientific activities in Armenia were the main artery sustaining liberalization and progressive ideas and movements.
During the Soviet era, science and culture were the two major means by which Armenians could send envoys abroad serving as a vital bridge between the Armenian Diaspora and our Motherland.
At present, as a free and independent Republic, in the midst of economic revival and democratization, science is still the cornerstone of radical reformation and a reliable guarantee to accomplish our national objectives.
We are fully confident that science will presage our future and the fate of the Armenian people will greatly dependent on the vigor with which we endorse and support science funding today.
The Scientific Board of NFSAT applies to state and religious bodies, public and political organizations, state and non-governmental enterprises, private entrepreneurs, citizens of Armenia and Diaspora Armenians, urging them to support the Foundation's Activities, thus contributing to the further development of Armenian science.
Sponsors and individuals can get information on the Foundation's projects and make voluntary contributions in preferred areas of NSFAT activities.
Dear compatriots! Your contributions will help our nation's intellectual capital and scientific recourses and preserve it for future generations.

Scientific Board of NFSAT (1998)