Undoubtedly, it would be difficult to make a definite assessment of NFSAT's activities at this early date, for only the future can be the unbiased judge. Nevertheless, with regard to its declared goal of securing a place for Armenian science in the international arena, and with the results achieved to this day, it seems we can nonetheless speak of some success. NFSAT's effectiveness, which you can judge by the contents of this website, is derived from the fact that our support is based exclusively on the scientific merit of projects, and from three guiding principles of our work -legality, transparency and equality.

HE Ambassador William Taylor
in NFSAT office.

Founding President of CRDF Gerson Sher

Prof. Barry Barrish, CALTECH, NRC Committee member in NFSAT office

Former President and Chief Executive Officer of CRDF Charles Tom Owens

Our Guestbook

Colleagues, Thank you very much for your inspirational discussion of science in Armenia and in the Caucasus States. I am sure we will continue our fruitful connections. Your commitment to science and Armenians is an inspiration.
Ambassador William Taylor, U.S. State Department, Washington D.C.

In this letter I simply want to add my personal admiration for your achievement. You have not only succeeded in conducting a single grant competition; you have managed to build a new institution that can and, I am sure, will be in place to serve the Armenian science community in the future by drawing on its unique expertise and experience. We look forward to continuing to work with you toward these ends but we know that only you and your colleagues can do the work that is now most important - to ensure that NFSAT becomes a permanent part of the S&T infrastructure of your country. You are already well on the way! With warm personal regards,
Gerson S. Sher President and Executive Director of US CRDF

Thank you very much for the warm welcome, tour and informative briefing that I received on my first visit to yours offices. I was impressed by the support and testing capabilities offered there as well as with the dedication and professionalism of the entire staff. It is a one of the most successful Armenian-American collaborative efforts and I wish you much luck and success in the future. I look forward to my next visit ! Best wishes,
Teresa Manlow, Economic Commercial Officer Embassy of the United States of America .

The CRDF / NFSAT program, in my opinion, is one of the brightest stars in the constellation of Armenian / American co-operative projects. The quality of work being done under the auspices of NFSAT is highly impressive and promotes to benefit citizen of both our countries. I congratulate you warmly on those efforts and wish you success on your work of building a firm foundation for further scientific endeavor in democratic Armenia .
Louis Licht, Deputy Chief of Mission American Embassy, Yerevan.

I found Armenia to be wonderful -- Yerevan is very pretty, has a fascinating history and is located in a beautiful setting. In short, I was very impressed with both Yerevan and the participants in the Workshop. I was very impressed with NFSAT, as an organization. I believe they fill a very important role as CRDF's partner in Armenia and, based on my discussions with CRDF, I know they are doing a great job. In fact, it's my understanding that NFSAT is beginning to serve as a model for such organizations in other countries in the region. It's often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery... in the case of NFSAT, this praise is richly deserved...
Mark Taylor, Senior Advisor of US CRDF.

We wish all the best for the future. It was our pleasure to learn about the activities and missions of this foundation. It could play a vital role in transforming the science activities which, we suppose, inherited very much from the former Soviet era. We hope that many grants will be awarded to the young scientists.
Toshiyuki Iwama, Mission Header on the Health Sector Grant Appraisal, JICA

It is great pleasure for me to visit NFSAT occasionally. I am impressed your enthusiasm to perform effective and better research on basic science in Armenia . I also understand the difficulty to run NFSAT effectively, so I hope you can find more sponsors to assist your foundation. I hope that your foundation be progressed in near future.
Minoru Akijama M.P., International Medical Center of Japan (Member of JICA mission)

I would suggest that NFSAT through CRDF's help continue such educational and related efforts to help Armenian scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs through all stages of the technology commercialization process.
Jay P. Kesan, Professor of Law, Univ. of Illions at Urbana-Champaignn, College of Law

I knew of NFSAT from the US and you live up to your reputation. Good Luck
Barry Barrish, CALTECH, The member of NRC Committee on "Science and Technology in Armenia "

NFSAT was made possible because of two intersecting facts. First: The U.S. Ambassador to Armenia in 1998, Peter Tomsen, wanted to do something meaningful to engage the science and engineering community of Armenia with the U.S. and with the problems of Armenia. Second: Armenia had a distinguished scientist turned government official, Harutyun Karapetyan, who was searching for a way to modernize and energize Armenian science. CRDF was consulted by the Department of State and proposed the creation of NFSAT and asked Dr. Karapetyan to be NFSAT's leader and champion in Armenia. Mr. Tomsen was among a handful of American Ambassadors who recognize the potential of international science cooperation for their work. Dr. Karapetyan was among a handful of scientists in the former Soviet Union who saw the value open competition and merit based decision making in distributing scarce research funds. CRDF helped fuse the vision of these two men into an organization that is now an influential engine of cooperation between the U.S. and Armenia, and a leader in the recovery and reform of Armenia's research community. I'm proud to have had a small part in that.
Charles Tom Owens, President and Chief Executive Officer of CRDF