November 3, 20051

Friends, Colleagues, and Partners in Armenia,

On behalf of the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), we are most pleased to join our colleagues and partners in Armenia to celebrate CRDF's tenth anniversary.

Our work and our success these past ten years have depended heavily on the support of others. We also thank our counterparts in the countries where we work, who provide cooperation, leadership and financial support, as well as access to their scientific communities. And we thank the thousands of U.S. scientists and engineers who work diligently in collaborations with their counterparts abroad.

In Armenia, we thank those who accepted the challenge of change and growth. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, the Academy of Sciences of Armenia, and the National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies have made great strides promoting scientific research and critical support to scientists working in regional and international collaborations.

We thank Ambassador Evans and his predecessors for consistently giving our work and Armenia's science community a place in their priorities.

The valuable impact of your work is felt throughout Eurasia, and across the world. We salute your spirit of international cooperation as we look toward the next decade of scientific advancement together.

Charles T. Owens President and Chief Executive Officer