NFSAT is confident that:
- Science will play a crucial role in the future of Armenia and pave the way to its industrial and economic revival.

- The Armenian scientific community will find its distinguished niche among the international scientific community, no matter how long and windy the road may be.

- There is no viable positive alternative to competition-based funding of science in Armenia.

NFSAT's goals are:
  • To prevent the dissolution of Armenian scientific assets and thus witness their disintegration.
  • To create conditions that will stem the tide of emigration of Armenian scientists and engineers:
         'no more brain drain'
  • To promote the integration of young scientists into well established scientific institutions.
  • To promote the integration of the Armenian scientific enterprise into the international scientific community.
  • To support the development of Armenian scientific potential, and thereby to contribute to the economic
         development of Armenia.

    NFSAT Adheres to these Principles of Operation:
  • NFSAT adheres to three principles of conduct: Adherence to the Law, Openness or transparency,
         and equal consideration to all participants
  • NFSAT supports all kinds of competitive grants, regardless of the seniority or professional ranking
         of the applicants.
  • NFSAT support is determined exclusively by the scientific significance of the proposals as determined
         through an international peer-review process.
  • NFSAT allocates funds directly to the scientists and research teams to support their initiatives and not to
  • All competitions of NFSAT are based on an open call for proposals and results are announced openly.
  • As a rule, anonymous reviewer comments are returned to the applicants to help them prepare for the next round.