Undoubtedly, it would be difficult to make a definite assessment of NFSAT's activities at this early date, for only the future can be the unbiased judge. Nevertheless, with regard to its declared goal of securing a place for Armenian science in the international arena, and with the results achieved to this day, it seems we can nonetheless speak of some success. NFSAT's effectiveness, which you can judge by the contents of this website, is derived from the fact that our support is based exclusively on the scientific merit of projects, and from three guiding principles of our work -legality, transparency and equality.


by Inga Zarafian

The first session of the Academic Council of the National Fund for Sciences and Advanced Technologies (NFSAT) was held on October 11. NFSAT is a recently established public organization which aims at assisting the scientific community of Armenia in the implementation of works in the most prospective modern trends of sciences and engineering.
NFSAT is going to raise funds to promote modern research and technological development in Armenia. It was suggested that the search for funds should be conducted jointly with the All Armenian Fund "Hayastan".
The Fund Director Haroutiun Karapetian said that his Organization and the U.S. Civil Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) signed an agreement in Moscow on October 7 allowing NFSAT lo participate jointly with the American organization in the distribution of grants worth a total of 200.000 USD in the sphere of chemistry and biology. The American side also plans to allocate 100,000 USD for the needs of NFSAT itself. However, Mr. Karapetian says his organization is unlikely to need such huge funds, so some of them may be assigned for the needs of sciences.
The aforementioned 300.000 USD are part of the 500.000 USD allocated by the U.S. government earlier this year to develop sciences in Armenia. Mr Karapetian thanked the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Peter Tomsen and the former Armenian prime minister Armen Sargssian who had been assisting in the allocation of the given sum. Earlier CRDF granted more than 400,000 dollars to Armenian scientists which were mostly received by researchers in the field of physics.
NFSAT will be allocating grants under projects which underwent a relevant examination. Such examinations will be conducted by the NFSAT Academic Council consisting of 16 people among which are Haroutiun Karapetian, President of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia Fadey Sargssian, Minister for Trade and Industry Garnik Nanagoulian. Minister for Sciences and Education Artashes Petrossian, Rector of the Yerevan State University Radik Martirossian, Rector of the Yerevan Engineering University Youri Sargssian others. It was decided that a title of Honorary Member of the Academic Council should be conferred on Armen Sargssian.
The initiative group on the establishment of NFSAT includes employees of the Science Department at the former Ministry of Economy of Armenia Haroutiun Karapetian and Vigen Topuzian, as well as former deputy minister for economy Cirigory Manasarian.