Undoubtedly, it would be difficult to make a definite assessment of NFSAT's activities at this early date, for only the future can be the unbiased judge. Nevertheless, with regard to its declared goal of securing a place for Armenian science in the international arena, and with the results achieved to this day, it seems we can nonetheless speak of some success. NFSAT's effectiveness, which you can judge by the contents of this website, is derived from the fact that our support is based exclusively on the scientific merit of projects, and from three guiding principles of our work -legality, transparency and equality.


AAAS Takes Proposal Writing to Armenia

AAAS recently hosted a workshop in Armenia to help scientists there improve their grant proposal writing skills. About 50 scientists attended the 2-day workshop, held on 5 to 6 May in Yerevan and sponsored by AAAS and the National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies of Armenia. The workshop was funded by the U. S. National Science Foundation and was held at the American University of Armenia.
Workshop attendees came from Yerevan and Gyumri, Armenia, as well as from Georgia. Liane Reif-Lehrer of TechWrite Consultants/ERIMON Associates instructed them on proposal writing, and Elizabeth Kirk of AAAS's Europe and Central Asia Program spoke to them about how to prepare oral presentations. The workshop was conducted in both English and Russian.
AAAS has conducted proposal writing workshops since 1994 in several cities, including Kiev, Tallin, Almaty, and Vladivostok. The workshops are valuable for bench scientists who are learning about the competitive funding culture.