Undoubtedly, it would be difficult to make a definite assessment of NFSAT's activities at this early date, for only the future can be the unbiased judge. Nevertheless, with regard to its declared goal of securing a place for Armenian science in the international arena, and with the results achieved to this day, it seems we can nonetheless speak of some success. NFSAT's effectiveness, which you can judge by the contents of this website, is derived from the fact that our support is based exclusively on the scientific merit of projects, and from three guiding principles of our work -legality, transparency and equality.


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SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN ARMENIA. Toward a Knowledge-Based Economy. National Research Coincil. The National Academies Press. Washington D.C., 2004, P. 3.

NFSAT is a model institution for the support of peer-reviewed research funding in Armenia and deserves a severalfold increase in its funding. Funding for new S&T programs such as those recommended in this report should be administered through NFSAT or organizations with comparable peer review processes.